Review :You know the Usual Natsu and Lucy from Fairy Tail, best friends who got each other's back but sometimes think of each other as more than friends. After the big fights that happened on Tenrou Island (The holy ground of the Fairy Tail guild) everything is back to normal or so everyone thinks? Lucy finds out she's in love with Natsu, but as of course Natsu does not notice and Lisanna gets involve it's a whole other story. Lisanna knows Lucy loves Natsu so they have a competition, but sadly Lucy loses but not in the way that you think.

 Only Lucy Knows what's really up with Lisanna, only Lucy has to suffer and everyday has to endure to see Lisanna and Natsu show off their love. But is it really only Lucy? Who's going to find out the real Lisanna? Is she working with anybody? Why is she doing this?, will the whole guild get mixed in this or even the whole Magnolia central involved or better yet the world? How does that even happen? Well come and find out...............

 Review: Natsu and Lucy are going out?! Are they serious? Gray is angered when finds out that Natsu and Lucy starts are a couple, he just can't believe it. How did that pink headed idiot get her and he didn't. 

On the other hand Juvia is dying of happiness, now she gets Gray all to herself without Lucy coming in between them, Well that is what she thought.....Gray’s mood darkens, yelling and screaming especially at Lucy, he gets annoyed at Juvia, and starts to hate Natsu more than he should but the person who really gets on his last nerves is Lyon??!!Gray is pushing Juvia farther away then she already is from saving him, What is she going to do to get that cold hearted Ice boy to listen?

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 Review: It all started with the letter that Lucy had written, it was originally for Natsu but everything got mixed up from then on when Happy sneaked the Letter out of Lucy's drawers and went to the guild to give it to Natsu. 

Little did they know that it was more than a letter...? More than Lucy's feelings in there... And more danger than they could ever hope for. It all happened when Natsu opened that piece of paper and that’s when "It" Happened. This changed Fairy tail in the worst way possible...

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REVIEW: Have you Ever heard of 

"The Ice Key", I don't think you have. Only special people know about it: Are you special? Maybe... I don't care, I'll tell you anyways. The ice key is only heard by Celestial holders such as Lucy Heartifilia and is kept secret by the Celestial King,spirits and Ice mages other wise known as Gray Fullbuster. 

Well that is until Lucy overhears Leo and Gray talk about it and Of-course Lucy's Curious and wants to find out about this, but when she discovers the truth...She'll find out Secrets,there'll be plenty of betrayal, lot's of fighting and blood and The best of all: Romance at every corner. Can I ask you: Are you up for it?


 REVIEW :We know Lucy and Loke. Master and Spirit.

When Loke starts to grow on Lucy more than he should. She falls in love with him but is that even possible for spirit and master to be in Love? 
Especially when it takes a lot of energy to let him stay all week without going back to the Celestial world, even with his own magic he can't. When an incident happens, Loke finds out. 

Lucy is in real danger his always there to back her up and save her but will he continue...


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